Dr. Kabini Sanga

Professor Sanga was born on Malaita Island, in the Solomon Islands.  Kabini Sanga has taught at the University of Regina (Canada), the University of the South Pacific (Fiji) and at the Solomon Islands College of Higher Education (Solomon Islands). He has spent much of his career outside of Victoria at the University of the South Pacific, the Solomon Islands College of Higher Education and the Solomon Islands Ministry of Education.

Kabini Sanga has a number of research interests including leadership, public ethics, mentorship, international development and research in indigenous Pacific contexts. Professor Sanga is Senior Fellow, with Leadership Pacific.  http://www.leadershippacific.org

Keith and Kabini have enjoyed working together for about 20 years:  travelling in the South Pacific Region for consultations, workshops, keynotes, and leaderful conversations on topics such as ethics, leadership and mentorship.  Together they continue to produce field-friendly books and articles for the Region.

Kabini Sanga

Keith and Kabini