Turning Point ConsultingTurning Point Consulting Ltd.


Our team of experienced professionals delivers leadership, governance, organizational and people development research, analysis, and consultative services in public, not-for-profit (social) and private sectors.

Turning Point Global

Turning Point GlobalWhile established in our original company, Turning Point Global (2008), the work of our principals and associates has been ongoing for over 30 years.  Turning Point Global remains its role in the publishing function in this suite of consulting services.  With offices and associates in Wellington (New Zealand), Calgary, and Saskatoon, Turning Point Global has produced over a dozen books.

Turning Point Consulting Limited

Point Consulting Ltd. is a research-based for-profit working in private, public and social sectors to encourage leadership and organizational development.  Over 30% of its activities are offered pro bono for leaders, groups or organizations serving the higher and common good.

How We Might Help

Turning Point Consulting Ltd. provides various services to help leaders and their constituents to flourish and succeed in their goals, together with an emphasis on capacity building through leveraging strengths, in contexts of integrity, trust, compassion, hope and purposeful achievement.

Services Provided

At Turning Point Consulting, we are committed to serving and supporting executives, trustees and human services professionals as they thrive and make adjustments to perform at exceptional levels.  Optimal performance is natural outcome from alignment and attunement to constituent and agent passions, promises and purposes.

As organizational and community environments continue to morph and complexify, we know how challenging these times can be.   When facing particular issues it is often useful to confidentially “talk through” the complexities and perplexities and consequent pressures and plans for action.  We stand ready to have a conversation about how we might be of service to you and your organization.

Each of our engagements consists of “tailor-made” and client-serving solutions, interventions, and engagements.  We work with you to determine the needs, priorities and establish the measures for means, outputs, outcomes and impacts from our involvement with you.  We want to add value to you and your organization’s mission.

Basically we offer four types of services:

  1. retained consulting,
  2. research-based consulting,
  3. workshop facilitation, and
  4. equipping, and general resourcing.