Retained Consulting

Retained consulting occurs when clients choose to engage us in intermediate and longer-term development work.  Typically this service consists of: assessment work, direct and targeted service, gauging progress, and sustaining gains and maintenance of outcomes and planning work.

Continuity of Consulting Relationships

Some organizations see the benefit in continuity of services and personnel rather than single event or situation specific partnership.  For example, it may be that assessments (internal and/or external) indicate that coaching or “coming along side” services might be beneficial for two or three leaders in the organization (executives, middle managers or trustees).  We work with the selected people, as individuals or as group, for the terms of the contract.  Sometimes this is a combination of regular and scheduled engagements and sometimes, the consultant is also “on call” for direct face-to-face interactions, Skype, Facetime or via phone (and even e-mail).

Executive Coaching/Mentorship/Performance Coaching

Executive coaching and mentoring have become significant tools for organizations, groups and persons to grow capabilities, capacities and to realize potential.  It is not about merely fixing problems; it is often about adapting to challenges, finding and staying on the leading edge and performing with passion and purpose, according to promises.  Coaching to task and mentoring to life and relationships provides catalytic and affirming boosts to current achievements, and gives attention to practical, positive and effectual attitudes, behaviours and interactions.

We see executive coaching as the engagement of one of our consultants, who has level of expertise (technical and/or adaptive) to support and guide the client, working with a leader such that they become better at their work, increasing their ability to address challenges and decisions.  An executive coach/mentor provides a neutral space for the leader to access what is happening to ensure quality decisions are made. The goal is stronger leader via leadership development skills, execution strategies and developing stronger communication skills.  We typically use the “Adaptive Mentorship” model (developed by Drs. Edwin Ralph and Keith Walker) in our work with leaders.

We also offer performance and task coaching for middle managers and management groups.  These services consist of problem or task defining, process consultation equipping, project management coaching, constituent communications together with fostering resilience and readiness for change.  Assessment of and assessment for performance, performance systems (reporting, benchmarking, and score-carding) are often included in our fine-tuning services.

Finally, we may be helpful to your organization in its efforts to support employee engagement and well-being, as well as in succession and sustainability planning for all levels of your organization.