Turning Point Story

Turning PointThe history of Turning Point is a deeply personal one.  Dr. Walter Boldt was for many years my mentor and friend.  He had a 30-minute television program on CFQC-TV Saskatoon from June 1973 to October 1, 1989, which he simply named “Turning Point.”   This was a low-key and invitational transdenominational Sunday afternoon interview and inspirational music program.  Turning Point was broadcast across mid-west Canada.  The focus of the program was on the relevance the Gospel of Jesus Christ in everyday life and the wholesome benefits found with the integration of Faith and Family.  How might ordinary people in diverse circumstances meet the challenges and issues of the day with hope; being assured by Pastor Boldt each week that “no condition is permanent” and that God loved them, unconditionally.  Walter kindly offered me the name (trademark) of “Turning Point” ministries upon his retirement.  I renewed the trademark but number of years later a sports network with a seemingly unlimited legal budget challenged my possession and I was forced to give up the trademark.  Fortunately, I was able to still secure the name for business name purposes.

Turning Point Mobius Strip

Turning Point Mobius StripThe Mobius or Moebius Strip (band) is a fascinating object, a one sided, one edged surface with occasional and endless twists and turning points.  The figure is often connected with recycling, renewal and transformation.  For some the Mobius Strip represents a willingness to move along with the flow of constant change cycles in our communities, organizations and personal lives while transforming the issues and challenges we face into useful solutions.   Physicist and dialogue expert, David Bohm, referred to “a single unbroken wholeness in flowing movement.”  When I was looking for a branding figure for Turning Point organizations, the Mobius Strip seemed a natural choice.