Workshop and Equipping Themes

Strategic Planning

One of our most common engagements provides facilitation for strategic and operational planning.  These engagements vary greatly and depend on organizational needs and the phases of development and implementation.

Board Development

We do work with board chairs, new board members, with committees of board and with whole boards.  Some boards wish to move from familial or management-orientation to more policy or strategic governance.  Some boards recognize the need to establish clear set of priorities and means to assess achievement of strategic objectives.  Some boards are conscious of their need to work on internal conflict or to harmonize superordinate values.  Some board wish to “refresh” or reframe their CEO/Board roles and responsibilities.  Some boards require enhanced means for accountability and support of corporate systems, resources and personnel.  We have some boards asking for our support in communication planning, constituent relations, options in terms of refinement of meeting procedures and streamlining decision protocols.  Numerous boards seek advice on adapting Carver-like approaches to board maturity and organizational purposes and history.  Some boards require technical and governance consultation with respect to their human resources oversight responsibilities (executive succession and search, executive compensation, approaching downsizing or scaling up).

Group Facilitation

Our group has competence in numerous process facilitation approaches, including:  World Café, Appreciative Inquiry, Open-space Technology, Future Search, Collaborative Loops, Whole-scale Change, Consensus Decision-making, Electronic Delphi, Community Weaving, Asset Mapping, Wall Walks, Learning Maps, Catch-balling, and Polarity Management Development.

We have a set of workshops that we adapt to particular group or organizational needs (half day, full day, and two day workshops.

Some of these workshops have been done in conjunction with our other work with organizations (i.e., effectiveness reviews).  Our workshops are action and activity oriented (versus merely transmitting information).  We use adult learning principles and aim to meet specific action goals that will be lived out well beyond the day(s) of engagement and align with immediate, intermediate and longer-term goals of the group or organization.  These workshops include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Interest Based and Mutual Gains Negotiating
  • Workplace Mediation and Peace-making
  • Conflict Leadership and Resolution Management
  • Servant Leadership in the Workplace
  • Dealing with Pain, Suffering, and Healing in the Workplace
  • Employee Relations and Communications Strategies
  • Return on Investment (ROI) for Development and Learning Programs
  • Anger and Frustration Management
  • Driving Fear Out of the Organization
  • How to Deal with Difficult Others
  • Developing Coaching Cultures
  • Exemplary Meeting Management Practices
  • Leading Project Management
  • Professional Employee Supervision
  • Becoming a Strength-based Organization
  • Learning from Positive Organizational Studies
  • Order Our Private and Professional Lives
  • Developing Professional Leadership Platforms

 Sample of Clients

  • University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario
  • Vancouver Island University, Nanimo
  • Elim Tabernacle Church, Saskatoon
  • Faith Chapel, Thunder Bay
  • Emmanuel Baptist Church, Saskatoon
  • Siloam Mission Board, Winnipeg
  • Ambrose University, Calgary
  • Commonwealth Secretariat, London, UK
  • Government of Vanuatu
  • Government of Solomon Islands
  • Saskatoon Christian School, Saskatoon

Contact Us

Turning Point Consulting Limited

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Viv Walker, Director

 Viv is a founding director of Turning Point Consulting Limited.  Dr. Walker (M.D., C.F.F.P.) has practiced family medicine for more than 30 years (in private and emergency clinic contexts, in association with Saskatoon Cancer Centre, St. Paul’s Palliative Care Unit, Parkridge Centre and under auspices of Saskatoon Regional Health Authority).


Keith Walker 

Keith D. Walker, Director

Keith is a founding director of Turning Point Consulting Limited.  He is a professor at the University of Saskatchewan and a bi-vocational minister with the Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada (Minister-at-Large).