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With others, I share the view that fostering a direct and symbiotic link between our inner or personal / private lives and our outer public / professional lives is required for human wholeness and healthy personal – professional identity.  Working on this has been and continues to be a life-long journey for me.  The source of my well-being, thriving, energy and purpose, the integrity of my life-world, my adaptive confidence and the congruity with my “inside-out design” requires attention to all dimensions of my life.  The vitality of my life with God is proportional to my dependence on His grace and my relationship with Him.  I acknowledge the unique design of each of us but for me the hidden and manifest wholeness requires the exercise of a number of root personal / spiritual disciplines, including: solitude, silence, prayer, meditation, contemplation, listening and so forth.

Over the last few years I’ve worked on a number of means for recovering, sharpening and nurturing my spiritual or personal fitness – an ongoing quest.  The exercise of various types of prayer has been an important aspect of fulfilling my own longings for security and significance – my inbuilt longings to have a reverent and transforming friendship with the Triune God.

At the encouragement of friends I’ve made available my own collections and assemblies of prayers and patterns for spiritual nourishment. The third volume (below) is a collaborative effort between Solomon Islander, Dr. Kabini Sanga, and I.  We have distributed this prayer book throughout the South Pacific.


Daily Prayer Platform: Volume One 

The purpose of this invitational book is to provide a platform of encouragement to those thirst for the presence of God in their lives. It is hoped that each person who picks this book up and uses it, will continue to flourish in their transforming friendship with Jesus Christ through prayer. This is a simple to use and flexible devotional resource.

It provides the reader with access to hundreds of prayers and prayer-related scriptures, adapted, organized and formed for morning and evening and other formats and uses. This is a resource for Christian private prayer.

Available for purchase in Hardcover, Paperback or PDF eBook formats.

Volume One is also available in a Large Print 2nd Edition.

Daily Prayer Vol1 lrg prnt



Daily Prayer Platform: Volume Two

Prayer Book is a platform for private devotions based on hundreds of scripture and the prayers of men and women devoted to the Lord Jesus Christ. The volume contains 49 morning and 49 evening prayers which move through the last half of Luke and Matthew’s Gospels. The book also includes seven days of patterned prayers. Tools included in this volume: a systematic Bible reading plan (one year) and a section with Prayer Lists, to prompt free prayer for others. The volume also features prayers using the names and attributes of God found in Scriptures.

Available for purchase in Paperback format.

Volume Two is also available in a Large Print 2nd Edition.

Daily Prayer Vol2 lrg prnt

Daily Prayer for Leaders in Oceania