Personal Mission Statement – 2016

To be a loving teacher‐learner and an example of simple truths and the wisdom that powerfully, yet reverently, awaken the presence of God into our lives and our shared global community.

I determine to be a learner‐leader who lives in loving relationships, aligned to simple Truth, energized and transformed by Grace, and who is attuned to Wisdom from above.

I purpose to be one who awakens hope and draws attention to the eternal and redemptive presence of the Creator in people’s lives; a person who glorifies God and thrives through his own dynamic friendship with Jesus Christ.

I seek to love Viv with my whole heart, as we serve and bless others and as we enjoy the gift of our life together.  With Viv, I dedicate myself to foster life-long flourishing in each of our adult children (James, Martha, Eric, Sarah Jane, Graham, Stacie and Gillian).  I desire to act so as to care for, honour and benefit our extended family, friends, and those who by the circumstances and callings of lives are put into our pathways.  I dedicate my life to do justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with my God.