Keith and Viv have been married for three and half decades (Keith thinks the time has gone by quickly though Viv isn’t of the same view:)).

Their delight goes beyond their mutual love and support – extending with thanksgiving to their four adult children, their spouses and friends.

Gill and Graham

Gillian and Graham (gig at Amigos)

Grateful for their own parents, Viv and Keith seek to serve God in their service to each other, their family members, friends, employers, and their various communities.

Keiths family

Keith’s Mom (Doreen), Sister (Jill), Dad (Phil), Sister (Jane) and Sister (Judy)

With Saskatoon as their home-base, Keith and Viv enjoy occasional international travel and fairly frequent excursions to their family cabin at Emma Lake (2 hours North of Saskatoon).

Keiths mom and dad

Doreen and Phil Walker (Keith’s Parents)


Eric and SJ

Eric and SJ Walker (Son and Daughter-in-Law)

James and Martha

James and Martha wedding

James and Martha (Son and Daughter-in-Law)

James and Keith wedding


Graham and Stacie

Graham and Stacie Walker (Son and Daughter-in-Law)

Cody and Gillian

Cody Tillman and Gillian (Daughter)

5 Walker women

The five beautiful and talented “Walker Women” (Viv, Martha, SJ, Stacie, & Gillian)

Walkers being silly

Serious picture time with some of the crew

More silliness

Please take our pictures!!

All Home for holidays

The gang is all home for holidays (Christmas 2015)