Flourishing Congregations Institute

flourishing-churchesTogether with professors Joel Thiessen, Bill McAlpine, and Arch Wong, Keith is one of the founding members of the Executive Council member for the Flourishing Congregations Institute.  Dr. Joel Thiessen is the Executive Director for the Institute and Turning Point Consulting Ltd. is a partner organization, with others, helping to facilitate Institute projects.  The Institute is hosted by major partner, Ambrose University, in Calgary.  The four researchers work with denominational and congregational leaders, academics and organizational partners to explore how and why some Christian congregations flourish in Canada.  The researchers have three basic research questions: (1) In what ways do varying traditions (e.g., Roman Catholic, mainline, and conservative Protestant) inform and enrich our collective understanding of flourishing congregations? (2) What roles do leaders, followers, and leadership cultures (e.g., context, values, style, structure, strategies) play in these congregations? (3) What internal and external conditions, catalysts and social – historical variables appear to contribute to flourishing congregations?

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Pulpit Fill

Keith enjoys occasional opportunities to preach or teach in churches.  His speaking is characterized as Bible-based, Christ-centered, Kingdom-focused and Life-relevant.  Early in ministry Keith was mentored in the truth that “the human spirit fails, unless the Holy Spirit fills.”  When available he is willing to speak in any faith-based context, for locum speaking engagements, and to provide seminars on a range of topics.


Marriage Alpha

Viv and Keith have enjoyed hosting and leading numerous couples (engaged and already married through the Marriage Alpha program – Seven session).



Set Your Church Free

As available, Keith has experience leading congregations (key leaders) through the steps to corporate freedom (based on seven churches of the Book of Revelation).

Appreciative Inquiry for Churches

Churches who wish to engage whole congregation in discernment processes, strategic planning or focus on core organizational values or principles may wish to engage Keith to facilitate one or more of these initiatives.

Church Leader Development

Keith’s ministries in faith-based settings, include:  Teamship; ministry encouragement; staff assessment and learning profiles; board assessments and development; spiritual gift and volunteer engagement strategies; issue and position development; systems analysis and re-design; using community demographics and psychographics; program evaluation; community engagement and developing invitational cultures; elder, ministry area specialist and pastor coaching.